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Zac Efron Hush

A Zac Efron Icon Challenge

Zac Efron Hush [Icon contest]
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Welcome to zefron_hush A textless icon challenge featuring none other then, you guessed it, Zac Efron.

- Remember to post your icon in a comment to the challenge post, and the challenge post only.
- Comments will be screened.
- You can add some text. Make sure it's not something offensive.
- Icons must fit live-journal standards, 100x100, 40KB or under and in either, JPG; GIF; or PNG format.
- This contest is anonymous, so no submitting your icon anywhere else until the voting is over.
- You can only enter original icons, meaning icons only made by you. Please no claiming other peoples work, or using other peoples bases.

submitting an icon
When submitting an icon please submit it like this:
url: http://i5.tinypic.com/11j40sk.png

- Please no voting for yourself or getting your friends to vote for you.
- Only community members are allowed to vote, but you don't need to be an icon maker to join the community, you can join and take part in the voting.
- You will be allowed to vote for only a certain amount of icons each challenge, please follow the rules in each post, read them carefully.

- You have 12 (twelve) days to get your entries in. Do not exceed it.
- Voting will end in two/three days around 4 pm EST
- If this schedule changes, you will be noticed.

I have seen several of these iconing communities around on livejournal. I love the idea and I even started my own "Last Icon Maker Standing" community. I love Zac Efron, I think he is great and that was why I started zefron_hush, I mean can you think of any better way to show your love for a great rising star? I can't really.

Moderator: sunny_now
Moderator: killjoy_jane
Banner Maker(s): whatsername_gd

We will affiliate all most anyone, but please comment to this post here. All we ask is, you affiliate us back! Or we hope you will ^___~

Please promote this community, place our button in your user info or in communities you love. Spread the word about us. =]

Image hosting by Photobucket

Most of the pictures; scans; and caps will come from:
Zac-Efron.com; Zac-Fan.com; Zac Efron Fan.org; Zefron.com

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